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Santa Fe, New Mexico is a city that is rich in history, culture, and tradition. The Historic Eastside is one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Santa Fe, and for good reason. Let’s explore what it's like to live in the Historic Eastside of Santa Fe!



First and foremost, the Historic Eastside is known for its beautiful adobe architecture. The buildings and homes in the area are a testament to the rich history of Santa Fe. The unique style of adobe architecture creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes the Eastside a charming place to live. Timeless luxury exudes the estates in the Historic Eastside.


In addition to its architecture, the Historic Eastside is also known for its proximity to the Santa Fe Plaza. The Plaza is the heart of Santa Fe, and it is home to some of the best restaurants, galleries, and shops in the city. Living in the Historic Eastside means that you can easily walk to the Plaza and Canyon Road to enjoy much of what Santa Fe has to offer.


Another highlight of living in the Historic Eastside is the outdoor recreational opportunities. The area is home to several parks and hiking trails, including the Atalaya Mountain Trail. The trail offers stunning views of the city and the surrounding landscape, making it a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike.


While living in the Historic Eastside of Santa Fe has many benefits, it is important to note that there are some cons to consider as well.


One of the most significant drawbacks of living in the Historic Eastside is the cost of living. The neighborhood is one of the most expensive in Santa Fe, and the cost of housing can be prohibitive for many people. Additionally, the cost of goods and services, including groceries and dining out, can be higher in the Eastside compared to other areas of the city.


Another challenge of living in the Historic Eastside is what I call “Old World Charm”. The narrow streets (sometimes dirt) and limited parking spaces can make it difficult to find a place to park, particularly during peak tourist season. This can be frustrating for residents who need to find parking for themselves or for guests.


There covenants you must follow to keep the charm of Santa Fe. To me it’s a pro, I want to see the architecture preserved as much as possible! But if you’re curious what exactly is restricted grab a cup of coffee or tea and visit this link https://library.municode.com/nm/santa_fe/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=CH14LADE_ART14-5OVZODI_14-5.3ARREDI


Finally, many of the homes in the neighborhood are older and may require more maintenance and repairs than newer homes. These homes may have old house problems such as closed off floorplans and lack of duct work for central heating and cooling systems. While the historic charm of these homes is a significant draw for many people, it's essential to keep in mind that owning an older home requires a certain level of commitment to upkeep and maintenance.


In conclusion, the Historic Eastside of Santa Fe is a beautiful and unique neighborhood home to impressive adobe estates and charming streets. However, it is important to consider both the pros and cons before deciding to make it your home!


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